Elevate your Being with the Power of your Breath 

Do you wish to make changes in your life but you often feel stuck?

Do you sometimes feel like you stand in your own way and face challenges when stepping into your power?

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards a more fulfilled and authentic version of yourself?

With these personalised breathwork coaching sessions you can work through the blocks and move forward to reach your goals and aspirations.

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Your breath is one of the most powerful tools to transform your everyday life


 ○ Gain clarity of mind

○ Experience more awareness with decision making

 Overcome challenges with more ease

 ○ Cultivate greater inner peace

○ Enhance physical performance

○ Deepen connection to your inner self

○ Elevate yourself physically, mentally and emotionally

○ Eliminate stress and anxiety in your life

○ Rewire your mindset and change your habits

○ Discover mental and emotional regulation

○ Walk towards your desired goals with increased confidence and clarity

No two dreams, desires and journeys are the same...


Your goals are very unique and your nervous system has its own special way to reach them.

That’s why my sessions are tailored to create a roadmap for your personal growth and development.


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What to expect


○ Personalised coaching to find the root cause of challenges you face
○ Mindset shifts
○ Mindful movement practice
○ Establishing the right motivation and intention behind your practice
○ Guided breathwork leading you towards your desired outcome
○ Nervous system reset
○ Start your journey of self-discovery and transformation
○ Recording of online sessions

...just breathe and the rest will follow...


"You create a truly wonderful relaxing atmosphere making me feel very safe.

Your softly spoken guiding words are a gentle reminder where I should be in my practice.

My head was clear and I had lovely visions of colours and lights.

I had a thoroughly pleasant practice and felt a deeper connection to my true self."


Dianne G,
Sound Healer and Therapist

Meet Your Coach

Nick Stone is a breathwork facilitator, yoga teacher and nature lover!

One of his biggest passions is helping people find their spark for life that he too once lost, in the most natural ways that are accessible to everyone.

He believes by reducing stress, anxiety and negative habits we can all thrive and live an abundant life in connection with nature and our true self.

Currently residing in the UK on a beautiful coast of Dorset, you can find him sharing his years worth of knowledge on many life experiences as well as on his online events and courses.

As a lover of organically grown food, Nick is also part of Nourish Community, a non for profit organisation where he shares his knowledge helping people learn how to grow their own food.

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