Regain your personal power and create space for your life to unfold

Breathwork | Coaching | Movement

6 weeks intensive online program that can transform your life.

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Take charge of your nervous system now!

Do you feel like every day of your life
is exactly the same?

Worrying about things you can not control, perhaps even things you can control.

  • Chronic stress
  • Constant tiredness
  • Insomnia
  • Turmoil of thought that can not and will not stop!

Maybe you only just realised that your nervous system is out of balance and maybe you know you've been living like that for a while.

Your nervous system holds the signature of your entire life. 
Only you have the key to balance it.

Take control of your breath and bring back the natural state of your being.

If we don't have awareness of how our nervous system works, we don't understand what is happening to us.

Sure, we struggle and hustle and try to make ends meet, but...

Have you accepted this to be your reality?

Because there is light at the end of the tunnel, and YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Trust me, I lived it, and I have found my inner peace.

What will your journey
consist off?

  • 90 minutes coaching + breathwork weekly
  • 30 minutes mid week check in
  • establishing your unique morning routine
  • tools to support you on daily basis
  • weekly pre recorded meditation to help you integrate
  • suggested affirmations to work with your mindset
  • undivided attention and support to help you on your journey
  • bringing emotional awareness and intelligence to your daily life
  • grounding (science behind and tools to use)

Limited spaces available

This immersive program is a deep dive and as I take this seriously and want to give my best,
the door is open for limited spaces.

Choose to join when life is guiding you
to make a change in your life.

Just breathe,
the rest will follow....

Start your journey now

Who will be your guide? 

Nick Stone is a breathwork facilitator, yoga teacher and nature lover!

One of his biggest passions is helping people find their spark for life that he too once lost, in the most natural ways that are accessible to everyone.

He believes by reducing stress, anxiety and negative habits we can all thrive and live an abundant life in connection with nature and our true self.

Currently residing in the UK on a beautiful coast of Dorset, you can find him sharing his years worth of knowledge on many life experiences as well as on his online events and courses.

As a lover of organically grown food, Nick is also part of Nourish Community, a non for profit organisation where he shares his knowledge helping people learn how to grow their own food.


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