Sacred Drums & Breathwork Journey 18th July

Join me Nick Stone along with my dear friend and talented sound & energy healer Dianne George for this special Sacred Drumming and Breathwork Journey of deep healing and self discovery. 

We are excited to bring you this soul-nourishing journey of healing and self-discovery with our unique blend of Breathwork and Live Sacred Drumming.

A Unique Drum Healing Journey amplified with Your Breath!

Sacred tribal drumming is an ancient practice rooted in many cultures worldwide. It taps into the primal rhythms of the earth, syncing with our own heartbeat.

The repetitive beats induce a trance-like state, calming the mind and releasing emotional blockages. Through this rhythmic journey of breath and drums, we are able to connect deeper within ourselves finding healing from disruptive belief patterns and shift into a more empowered and authentic version of our being. 

It's a profound way to honour our ancestral wisdom and restore harmony within.

Allow the rhythmic drumming fused together with dynamic breathwork to release what no longer serves us and create space for your inner light to shine brighter.

Join us for this 90 minute powerful experience of deep connection as you explore and expand into your fullest self.

Using Sacred drums and the breath in this way, we can access deeper layers of our consciousness and view situations in a new light and from a higher perspective. 

 What we are working on:

  • a 90 minute guided session using sacred drums and breathwork to release negative energy in the body. 
  • Feel a deeper sense of inner peace, clarity and confidence within.
  • Creating more space and time in the mind. 
  • Switch off from the outside world and switch on your innate ability to heal, rest and restore.  
  • letting go of emotional experiences that do not serve us anymore. 

We'll see you there, please arrive just before 19.15.
Gullivers Farm Shop & Kitchen
Station Rd, West Moors, Ferndown BH22 0JG

  What to bring:

  • Mat and a blanket
  • A bottle of water
  • Wear something comfy
  • Eye mask (optional)


Health Advise

There are many styles of breathwork with this one rather activating and dynamic, where it can create sometimes intense emotional releases and physical sensations in the body.

Generally speaking this is a safe practice and all is part of the process. But if you have any of the following then please contact me direct to talk further. 

Pregnant, had a recent injury or surgery, suffer with server mental disorders, seizure conditions, heart conditions, pacemaker, bleeding disorders or a general illness or disease. 

All that aside, Breathwork can be such a powerful tool to use not only in a guided session but in our day to day lives to bring in the change we are looking for. 

I am excited to have you join me and explore the positive impact that working with the breath has to offer.

... Just breathe and the rest will follow ... 


(Sessions are non refundable but can be exchanged for another session when 48hrs notice) 


£25.00 GBP